Follow these few simple rules to Insure a Safe and Enjoyable Experience for All

1. If you have a power craft and want to travel at speeds greater than 8 km/hr  you must stay within the buoys and travel in a counter clockwise direction.

2.  Idle speed is to be used outside the buoys.

3. Keep your distance from swimmers, tubers, kayakers, paddle boats and rafts and reduce your speed when approaching other lake users. 

4. The maximum speed on the lake within the buoys is 60 km/hr.

5. Power craft on the lake are limited to the hours of 10 am to 1/2 hr before sunset.

6. While using the boat launch please have some consideration for the immediate neighbours, keeping noise down,  and only use this area for launching and retrieving your watercraft. 

Through self policing, respect and an appreciation of how special our mixed use lake is, we can insure the safety and enjoyment of all lake users.